I am not a screw up. Slacker? Maybe...

April 1. This post is so much later than I expected it to be. Like 14 months late. 

Ew, I hate to even see that in print. What a slacker! “I’ll start blogging again next month. Yep. I’m gonna do it.” And then next month became the next month and the next... And, well, here we are. A little over a year later than the time I said I was going to start blogging again (save for my brief post in February) and I’m finally typing the words. 

In the last few weeks my life has drastically changed. I’m still in Chicago (I. AM. NOT. LEAVING.), but, I have since left my job (a story I’ll save for another day) and when I use to wonder if there were enough hours in the day, I’m now trying to fill them. I’ve been catching up with friends that travel through for work, the weekend, weddings, etc; taking SwankyPooch to the dog beach for much needed exercise, enjoying mid-day runs and even spending time with my friend Mandy and her newlittle bundle of joy, Natalie. It’s really interesting what happens when you literally have time to stop and the smell the roses. But, I’ll save you the boredom and just say it’s time you keep me accountable and this blogging thing happens on the regular from now on? Cool? If not, feel free to send an email to swankypeach(at)gmail(dot)com with only the words SwankyPeach, you’re a slacker! in the subject line. Deal?

Two things: this is not an April Fool’s Joke, and tomorrow’s post will be the. real. deal. So, get ready.

Peace Peaches,

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