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Oh, honey

The SoPro girls

Kristin & Jeremy: Food & Music

Upcoming Sample Sale: Rebecca Minkoff

I love gameday

Let's discuss

And on that J.Crew note...

New Fave lunch spot.

Need to jazz things up a bit?

I gotta feeling...

I'm dying ...

And this is genious.

Kristin & Jeremy: Invites & Flowers

Smiling G meets Michael J.

Whoopsie with the wine.


I meeeean, Ivy shuts it down.

Melts my heart.

Steph and Trav's St. Simon's Wedding Shindig

I would like

I'm a movie star, er, tv star...

Getting ready for baby Brincefield!

Oh yes. I did it. And I can't wait until the next one.

Kristin & Jeremy: Wedding Attire