Chicago is always a good idea. (Might have been my best one yet.)

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Oh, hi! I'm alive and still here ... and here's what I've been up to....

I moved to Chicago on February 14, 2013 after I accepted a job working for Trunk Club as a stylist.

Since then, my life has been a blur and whirlwind of laughs, and fun, and fabulous friends and stylish people and more. (If you follow me on instagram, you've seen it all.)

Currently, the last few months have been frigid (who ever decided upon #Chiberia, I'd like to high five you!) and snow-filled but I seriously wouldn't change it for the world. Do I dream of my summer beach days at Lake Michigan - you bet - like, every single morning.

But I'm happy, and loving it and although the last year hasn't been easy by any means (and clearly left no spare time for blogging) I wouldn't trade the experiences and sweat and tears and snowflakes for anything.

So, this day, on my first official anniversary in the greatest city ever, Cheers to a stylish 2014 and Swanky back to blogging!

So, ask me anything ... what is it that you'd like me to write about?


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