Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving ....

Yep. That's right. This trusty blogspot home will remain here, but the posts will continue at Join me ... will you?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Madewell's Rush Street location anniversary party - let's go!

And since one of my favorite Chicago style bloggers (seriously need to get on her calendar for a coffee date) Liz Schneider of Sequins & Stripes is co-hosting their One Year Anniversary shindig for the Rush Street location tomorrow night. Naturally, I plan to attend.

And as much as I'd really like to shop, this whole lack of job and figuring out what I'm doing next with my life thing really isn't lucrative so I will just imagine I'll be walking in to purchase these items I've been coveting since I received the latest Madewell catalog in the mail...

Madewell Spring 2014 SwankyPeach Cravings

Anyone else in Chicago planning to attend the party tonight? If so, let me know so we can say hi to one  another in real life!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I like, I link: Weekly Clicks

Welp, it's Wednesday and also the new issue of Domino Magazine day! I just picked up a copy this morning and I cannot wait to curl up on the couch later with a glass of vino and dive right in.

While I do that, you can check out a few links I found this week:

{something to try} THIS dope DIY via Design Sponge

{craving} A messenger bag that is my new must-have accessory for spring from Madewell

{necessary accessory} Using this to stay dry when April's showers arrive via Overstock 

Tell me:What are some of your favorite online finds this week?

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I am not a screw up. Slacker? Maybe...

April 1. This post is so much later than I expected it to be. Like 14 months late. 

Ew, I hate to even see that in print. What a slacker! “I’ll start blogging again next month. Yep. I’m gonna do it.” And then next month became the next month and the next... And, well, here we are. A little over a year later than the time I said I was going to start blogging again (save for my brief post in February) and I’m finally typing the words. 

In the last few weeks my life has drastically changed. I’m still in Chicago (I. AM. NOT. LEAVING.), but, I have since left my job (a story I’ll save for another day) and when I use to wonder if there were enough hours in the day, I’m now trying to fill them. I’ve been catching up with friends that travel through for work, the weekend, weddings, etc; taking SwankyPooch to the dog beach for much needed exercise, enjoying mid-day runs and even spending time with my friend Mandy and her newlittle bundle of joy, Natalie. It’s really interesting what happens when you literally have time to stop and the smell the roses. But, I’ll save you the boredom and just say it’s time you keep me accountable and this blogging thing happens on the regular from now on? Cool? If not, feel free to send an email to swankypeach(at)gmail(dot)com with only the words SwankyPeach, you’re a slacker! in the subject line. Deal?

Two things: this is not an April Fool’s Joke, and tomorrow’s post will be the. real. deal. So, get ready.

Peace Peaches,

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chicago is always a good idea. (Might have been my best one yet.)

 Society 6 Art Print
{image via Society6]

Oh, hi! I'm alive and still here ... and here's what I've been up to....

I moved to Chicago on February 14, 2013 after I accepted a job working for Trunk Club as a stylist.

Since then, my life has been a blur and whirlwind of laughs, and fun, and fabulous friends and stylish people and more. (If you follow me on instagram, you've seen it all.)

Currently, the last few months have been frigid (who ever decided upon #Chiberia, I'd like to high five you!) and snow-filled but I seriously wouldn't change it for the world. Do I dream of my summer beach days at Lake Michigan - you bet - like, every single morning.

But I'm happy, and loving it and although the last year hasn't been easy by any means (and clearly left no spare time for blogging) I wouldn't trade the experiences and sweat and tears and snowflakes for anything.

So, this day, on my first official anniversary in the greatest city ever, Cheers to a stylish 2014 and Swanky back to blogging!

So, ask me anything ... what is it that you'd like me to write about?

Monday, December 31, 2012

2013. Can't wait to meet you.

Indeed it has. And a year I can't wait to say adios to! I'll be doing that tonight in Greensboro with my friends Katie and Sarah at the Amos Lee and the Avett Brothers show. For a gal that loves her music (and live) I can't think of a better way to ring in 2013. (Follow me on instagram for pics from the show!)

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Summerbird Boutique: A Charlotte best-kept secret.

Watch this video to find out why Summerbird boutique is one of my best-kept secrets for shopping and styling in Charlotte for finding high-end designer duds.

P.s. Santa, perhaps you'll be leaving that Balenciaga Classic City Bag under the tree for me??? (*wink)