One studded Forever 21 find.

I can edit a Forever 21 store like no one's business... seriously ... take me on your next shopping trip there. I'll prove it. (Or just ask Tara B or Erin McD.) Does it require patience? Yep. Do you occasionally have to wear a larger or smaller size because of the fit of different items. Oh yes. Is it not uncommon to find some seriously-fab-I-can't-believe-I-found-this-here on-trend or closet staple item for a fraction of the price of what you'd pay at most stores - yes again. Last week, I headed to the store to purchase one jacket... this leather jacket with the cutest peplum detail. (A friend was wearing it and I all-but accosted her to try it on.) And then I saw this Valentino inspired beauty ...

And her price tag of $32.80 and I was S-O-L-D. It's perfauxtion. (I'm coining that term, y'all.) The "leather" looks and feels soft and real and it's the perfect size. Looks like I'll be giving my LV neverfull tote a bit of rest for a bit to rock this bag. Both items, don't look faux, don't feel faux and will be seeing a lot of Charlotte this fall as they will be in constant rotation in my closet. Faux sho. (Too much?)


  1. Love this find! I want one too. We love shopping the Forever 21 in Charleston (a back-to-school shopping tradition). Have an excellent week!


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