Someone I'd like to meet....

Tiffany Hughes of Lucky Photography.

Something (well a few parts) in her About Me spoke to me in that gives-you-chill-bumps-because-you-can-relate-so-well way — these parts I've highlighted in bold...

First of all, neither my last name, nor my maiden name is Lucky. Lucky is quite contradictory to my real life. I am not lucky. I am always the one to get the last square of toilet paper on the roll. Always. And to tell you the truth, I don't believe in luck a whole lot. I think that luck is that moment in time when you become what you were meant to be and you breathe in and relish the moment. And even then, you don't become lucky, you become one of the lucky ones. Which is just what I am.

I am a pharmacist. I graduated from Auburn University and would dress in orange and blue every day if I could. Check out Toomer's Corner in the background photo...ahhh Auburn. My husband is the biggest Alabama fan in the world. Really. Drives me nuts. Love was blind way back then. Now, it's just really irritating.

I live in Elmore County. For those of you from another state who aren't familiar with Elmore, you're better off. I only live one mile away from Prattville, which is where I was born and raised. It's kinda like the division between Mexcio and the US. They don't speak the same language, they drive funny, and although there is no border crossing, there should be.

My children make my world turn. Sometimes out of control, but it's still turning, nonetheless. I love my son's laugh and his frizzy hair. I love my little girl's curl that hangs in her eye. I love my son's giggle and his big front tooth that's just breaking through.

I have a really bad southern accent. Not that it's bad to have one of those, it's just that I sound like I could be an actor on "Deliverance". And I have a lisp. What a combo.

I miss my daddy who's been gone 9 years. I wish he could meet my babies. I never met my real father until I was 27 years old. And that was one time too many. He gave me the black hair and blue eyes and kidney stones. But my daddy (my granddaddy) gave me everything he had. I never thanked him for it, because I never had to. I wish I had.
One day, I will live at the beach and I will tan and not worry about what too much sun can do. And I will have the guts to eat a boiled crawfish. Still afraid I'd suck the eyeballs right on out. Uggg...get chills just thinking about it.

I love New Orleans. We were engaged there and married there. Just got back this past weekend as a matter of fact. That town has just wrapped around my heart like ivy around the wrought iron down there.

I learned so much from my mama. She is 78 years old and everyday I see something more amazing in her than I saw the day before. She is the one that gave me my faith, my stubborness, and my life.

My husband...I almost lost him on Christmas Day to a brain hemorrhage this past year. And I guess as the saying goes, you never know what you have until you lose it. Thanks to God, I didn't lose it, but I came close enough and never want to go there again.

The one thing that guides my whole life is my faith in God. Sure, I don't understand why things happen, and I always pray that either the circumstances will change or I will. And the latter is the one that always happens. And there has never been a time when He's changed me that it didn't work out for the best.

I love thai food, fabric, and paper. In fact the lady at the local Thai restaurant named my first child. I have 5 bolts of fabric in my closet now. And paper? I am tempted to buy a letterpress so that I can design my own invitations, but once I come to my senses, the urge goes away.

My fave movie, EVER, is "Remember the Titans". I've watched it at least a million times, and it's new every time.

I hate WalMart.


  1. ErinElise3:58 PM

    Um...yeah. She's just been added to my rapidly expanding list of girl crushes.

  2. Well, let me tell you that I was beyond moved when I saw this. You made me cry! But it was a good cry and I so needed that today! I am absolutely honored and well, I'm just speechless.

  3. Well, Tiffany you made me cry (good tears cry, too) so we're even Stevens :)

    Keep inspiring.


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