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So, I've got this snazzy new website (thanks to Ray, Alisa and Lydia over at Cuberis!) with all my what-I-like-to-call-business stuff ... clips, photos from shoots and events I've styled and produced, information about my creative services (social media, public relations, events and consulting) and that lovely about me page (that seriously took me a bajillion years to write - I hate writing about myself!) and then I've got the older kid SwankyPeach. She's been around for about five years now, she's traveled all over the place, she's laughed, thought she was loving, lost, listened and learned. SwankyPeach is for fun going forward and my personal stuff. This blog, I'll used to update you on what I'm working on, press, ideas, etc. I highly suggest (if you know what's best for you, duh) to subscribe via RSS (or email) to both. Either way - all posts on melissalamkin.com/blog will automatically post to SwankyPeach ... so technically you can read both there. But I still need you to stop by here, too!

That is all.


  1. congrats! The site (and you my dear) continue to inspire.


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