Happy Mother's Day Momma!!

Did SwankyMom know just how Swanky that little Peach would grow up to be?
He he he. We seriously look so alike now that I'm all grown up.

Swankypeach, SwankyMom and SwankyBro.
(I really never thought of myself as the baby-doll type of gal, though.)

I mean, even as a youngster, Swanky always traveled in style.
Don't you just love my boots?

There are no words to explain how much my mom means to me, how much I admire her strength, her courage and her patience. How much I appreciate her (sadly, I'm certain I don't show that enough) and thank her for all the meals, all the laughs, all the love and listening and most importantly all of the prayers. I'll never be able to thank her for everything she's done for me and our family but I'll always be sure to tell her I love her so!

I love you mom and couldn't ask for a mother any better than you!


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