Neti Pot humor.

I have a strange relationship with my Neti Pot that many of my friends don't get. I think the little tea pot for your nose works wonders at keeping my nasal passages free and clear and I wish I had discovered it years ago. (I can't believe I just typed that out.) And a few of my friends have quite the humorous take on what they think of my little plastic gem when I mention it ...

"Did a Neti Pot. Almost drowned. Also managed to get water in my ear. There is saline in my brain."

"Put some liquor in your Neti Pot and enjoy a Neti Shot... not through your nose, of course."

"Teapot in my nose is not my idea of a good time."

Make all the fun you want, but, come allergy season guess who's gonna be breathing clearly now? Haaaa.


  1. Can you drown yourself with one? I have not mastered the art and would like to. Seriously, I have two and make a big mess. I also have the salt inhaler since I'm afraid of the Neti Pot. Could you give details on how you mastered it?


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