Just saying the words Rogue Helicopter Pilot cracks me up.

Stephanie (the first roommate I ever had when I moved to the Queen City three years ago) doesn't know it (she will when she reads this) that she has become today's guest blogger for her emailed response regarding CLTblog.com's CLT Madness.

First, go here and complete your bracket.

Then all of this will make so much sense ...

To: Swankypeach
From: Stephanie
Date: 03/22/2010 12:09 p.m.
Subject: Re: I saw a rogue helicopter pilot ...

Ohmigosh. This is the BEST bracket I have ever seen! A few of my favorites (w/ commentary):

  • Pat McCrory’s hair - Not for his hair so much as simply because Mayor Pat will always be a stand up guy in my book. (Case in point: Rogue Helicopter Video….not many people can deal with total nutjobs with such eloquence and grace).
  • The Booty Loop – Because running to Ms. New Booty anywhere else just isn’t the same
  • Matt and Ramona – Tirade Tuesday and Wheezy “growlin’ and prowlin’”. ‘nuff said.
  • Symphony in the Park – Where else can you cuddle with your roomie beneath a plastic tarp during a rainstorm with a bottle of vino secured between your legs, listening to classical music? Now THAT is culture with a ‘K’. (Yes, my dear peaches, said "roomie" was I in 2007 at the July 4th festivities that were interrupted by quite the downpour. We had no where to go and only had the small tarp that served as our picnic blanket base to keep us dry... so we got a little close, k? You do what you have to do to keep your blow-out from getting ruined!)
  • Sir Purr – Reminded me that I need to get on that letter to E! requesting an episode of Sir Purr: Behind the Mascot Head True Hollywood Story
  • Rogue Helicopter Pilot – Hands down THE best Charlotte-based You Tube video. EVER. Every time I look at the magnolia tree outside my house, I think of the lemon-headed, terrorist [alt word for kitty cat] that is George Shinn.
  • Chilly Willy – His real name is Larry and we met on the corner beside East Blvd Bar & Grille (former location) in 2003. He’s good at chit chat, but smelled like pee (not terribly unlike many of the college guys I had dated). After a serious 2nd date discussion with Zack on the issues of Charlotte’s homeless, we discovered that the one homeless person we both knew was the same. However, while I knew him as Larry aka Chilly Willy, Zack knew him by his other alias --- “Shitty Britches”. I actually saw Larry walking as I drove by Jack’s on Saturday. He still had his beat box on his shoulder, rapping away to words that rhymed with “–illy”, and a fresh pee stream running down his legs. Ahh…memories.
  • Amelies – Nothing is better than the salted caramel brownie. Nothing.
  • Ric Flair – My favorite local celebrity. Every time I see him it takes a conscious effort to withhold a belly-depth WOOOOOOO!
There was one local celebrity, I noticed, who was surprisingly left off of this “Who’s Who” of Charlotte shenanigans. Where the hell is Mark Mathis (pre coke rehab days, that is)?! He could have easily been paired with those two Top Cat cheerleaders who were making out in a bathroom or, heck, even Humpy Wheeler.

Thank you Steph, for keeping me laughing with your always witty, insightful and downright hilarious emails on pretty much a daily basis. (And thanks for letting me share this without your permission ;)


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