AMY FREE ... Ah. Maz. Ing.

We met Sunday at Amelie's to finish up planning and talk set design ideas for yesterday's Towne & Reese photo shoot in the park at the Mint Museum. Sneak peek above ... what do you think?? I had so much fun collaborating and working with her on this!

As we're walking to our cars Amy says: "You need a new headshot/profile pic!"
I quickly respond, "Yes, I know! Do you want to take them?" * with a wink...
She said "Yes! We'll snap a few before the shoot tomorrow — come dressed and ready for some photos."

Aaand cue Swanky doing the running man (a.k.a. my go-to happy dance) in the parking lot.

I followed directions ... and voila!

Thank you Amy Free... I feel so prett-y!

And thank you Whitney at the Pink Hanger for letting us borrow your paper flower party puffs. (What exactly do you call them??)


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