Peachy's prom fashion.

Wes and Swanky, Evans High School Junior Prom, 1996

Chris and Swanky, Evans High School Senior Prom 1996

In honor of the fantastic site, Promtacular, that I stumbled across today, I am sharing both my junior and senior prom photos.

Yes, those are dyed to match shoes. (Although white and ivory clearly don't match up.) Yes, those are lots of sequins and beads. (No joke, those dresses probably weighed more than I did at the time.) And yes, why yes I did indeed match my red lipstick to my red dress. (I clearly, was not afraid.)

And, my dear peaches, Junior Prom Date Wes, is this guy. (I wonder if his agent and publicist will have anything to say about this?) Looking back (quite literally) he looked less than enthused to be my date ... hmph. (My Senior Prom Date, on the other hand, was a junior in college...)

Laugh amongst yourselves if you so choose, buuuuut, how many of you can say your jr. prom date has one of these, huh? It's a good thing I entertain myself....


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I think it is time to find Mr. Wes and see what his relationship status is because i see a future mr. melissa lamkin.

  2. I think I was wearing sheer white pantyhose in both pics. Gawd help me!

  3. ok. i'm not going crazy. i do know you. i graduated in 1998 from Evans High School. NO WAY! so we went to high school together.

    {p.s. my maiden name is if you look in your're going to see some TRAGIC eyebrows. just sayin'}


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