What happened to the Glow?

Okay, I have a slight obsession with Dove Energy Glow. Why? Because I refuse to end up looking like the old lady from "There's Something About Mary" when I get older from too much sunbathing or, gasp, laying in the tanning bed (ew) but I still want that sunkissed look.

Seriously, I love this stuff. It doesn't smell funky at all (come on, you know that self-tanner smell, it's not pleasant)... and it gives you great, great natural-looking color without stickiness. It's also super moisturizing (it is a lotion). Aaaaand a few times I have heard from a friend "wow, you're tan!" Funny friends, chances are it was probably fake.

So, I have been to Target, Rite-Aid and CVS and can't find a single bottle of it anywhere??

Dude, where did my Dove go?


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