Oh how I used to swoon for Swayze.

Ha! I just laughed out loud as I read the title of this post and look at this picture. But, I did. Swayze and that kid that played Atreyu on The Never Ending Story... two words dream. date. (and HI-larious to look back and think that. Noah Hathaway is super-gross now.)

I can't tell you how many times I've watched "Dirty Dancing." (I'm pretty sure I had to sneak to see it in the first place, I don't think my parents would allow it.)

Countless slumber parties, late nights with college roommates ... it's just an all-around good chick flick with some really good ballads (and dancing.) I even remember making up a dance routine with some of my girlfriends the summer I spent in Marion, S.C. with my aunt and uncle. Ha!!!! (I'm just giving you all the embarassing Swanky goods today.)

So, I'm sad today for Patrick Swayze's family (and for Jennifer Grey) as I'm sure he will very much be missed more by them than those of us who swooned for him when we were girls.

This is probably my most favorite part of the movie. Yep.


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