Heart & Soul in the big "D"

Last weekend I took a little trip down to Dallas, Texas for my friends' Meredith & Shawn's wedding... it was all that I expected it to be and more. A big, gorgeous Texas wedding that was tons of fun and worth the trip! We stayed at the Adolphus Hotel in Dowtown Dallas (where the reception was held), one block from the Neiman Marcus Downtown store (this is the holy grail of NM stores and their flagship).

Friday afternoon I sipped margaritas at Mi Cocina with my friend Stacey before we wandered around the West Village to do some shopping. (Swanky just window-shopped, however.) It was here, in one of the stores that a shopgirl was trying to suggest I pair a skirt I had in my hand with a tubetop. Because I love to have my foot in my mouth, and before I even thought about it my response was, "No ma'am. I am over the age of 30, I do not need to wear a tube top," as I looked at her and realized she was probably in her late 40's. Whoopsie. She responds, "You shouldn't wear a tubetop if you're over the age of 30?" Crap. "Well, I shouldn't," was the best I could come up with as I stammer, "my mother might have a mild heart attack if I showed up at her house in a tubetop..." Nice save, Swanky. (not really)

Post rehearsal dinner festivities kept us out in Dallas until the wee hours of the morning. (I'm too old for this!) and Saturday we spent some time poolside at the Joule hotel's rooftop pool and bar about two blocks from the Adolphus. The Cucumber Sage Margarita is quite possibly the best margarita I've had in my life. Not too sweet, not too tangy, it was crisp, fresh and deeelish.

The Joule's rooftop infinity pool
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Anyhoo... on to the goods ... the details of the wedding...

The Wedding cake

The Groom's Cake (yes, they are both Clemson grads)

A sneak peek into the Grand Ballroom of the Adolphus Hotel during the cocktail hour

Loving the candle cluster

The Couple's First Dance

Julie (who's engaged to Billy in the photo below), Meredith, Myself and Molly

The Emerald City Band was awesome. They kept us all out on the dancefloor singing, dancing (Molly had the tambourine??) all the way up until midnight. It was SO much fun. (Rumor for the weekend was that the band is the same band that played for Jenna Bush's wedding ...)

And off they go... to the sound of a jazz band playing Heart & Soul ...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lynch! Thrilled for you both and I loved being there to celebrate with you!

I also captured the grand exit on video ...


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