You thought I turned my back on you, huh?

If only I had legs like this?!

Tsk, tsk, no no ... after a brief, ahem, long hiatus, Swanky is back...

Moving was a pain, work has been nuts, life has been... well, life.

But this blog was created as my place to vent, to reflect and do something I love - write - about what's happening in my life, family and work. Guess it's time I start using it again ... (and stop chewing my damn fingernails!)

I'm also thrilled to know that my words (of wisdom?!) were missed...If I had a dime for every friend (or stranger) that said - "You haven't blogged in forever - I miss Swankypeach!" I'd have some extra cash on hand. (The fact that it would only be enough for a Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard is irrelevant, let's just focus on the fact that there would be extra money, ok?)

So, we've got a lot to catch up on... I've had some fun adventures, five of my friends got engaged (three were all in the same week!), two friends found out they are pregnant, there's been an entire season of the Real Housewives - New Jersey style (Oh, oh, oh the drama) - and certainly plenty of fodder between myself and my friends for use in "I'm Just Sayin" ...

Oh, where to start ....


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