I'm so excited!

'Cause this guy — Billy! — just moved to Charlotte (even if it is for only six months or so) and I'm just thrilled. Some of my favorite memories with one of my two favorite Jayhawks include country line dancing (don't even ask), fishing from a pier in Daytona (again, don't ask), numerous back porch chats about life, love and the pursuit of happiness (whaaat?) and watching the Nov. 2006 KU v. UF basketball game (and we know just how much I hate the Gators) in a Kansas City, Kansas bar filled with Jayhawk fans/students/grads while he got the entire bar to Rock Chalk chant. (It was equally awesome and HI-larious.)

Welcome to the QC, Rick**! I can't wait to show you around! And let's get ourselves a sushi dinner, stat!

**Rick is our nickname, shared with other favorite Jayhawk, and reverts back to an old SNL skit with Amy Poehler. Yep, that one. For whatever reason, the three of us find it entertaining and somehow took a nickname from it.


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