Jumping Jayhawks ... literally

In case you didn't know (but, if you've read Rock Chalk Jayhawks, you do) Tara, aka Rick (or Laverne) is a KU graduate. She and most of her family and Billy are Jayhawks to. the. core.
Here's a fun fact about Rick, she really could care less about sports. But, if there is one team, one sport she'll watch ... it's her Jayhawks. Last week, when we all learned that KU and UNC (I live in the Tarheel state now and most of my friends are Chapel Hill grads) were going to play each other in the National Semi-Finals ... I had to text Tara and Billy. I believe it said something along the lines of "Rock Chalk, Jayhawks. Can't wait to see you play UNC. Go Heels!"

Apparently, Miss Tara was actually in KC that day with her family and reads my text aloud to her dad, Gary, and brother, Zach (her fam is my second fam - they know Peachy well) and says straight-faced and serious ... "Wait, what am I supposed to do with my heels?" Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

Hi, Tara, the 'heels I am referring to are not those connecting your legs to your feet, rather the UNC Tarheels. You know, their coach is Roy Williams, the same Roy Williams who was the coach at Kansas when you were there?!

SO, last night, while the 'Hawks are playing for the title (and coming back from being quite a few points behind) Tara is sending me the most hilarious text messages ... because (GASP!) she's actually watching sports and she's watching the Natl Champ game. Alone. In her apartment. When KU scored a (beautiful!) three point shot to tie up the game with only a few seconds remaining I get this text "I'm screaming and jumping around in my apartment all alone!" I love it. I'm laughing out loud. (Er, wait, LOL.)

Then, as OT starts and we are only a few seconds in, I'm guessing her excitement really got the best of her. "I'm pretty sure I just did a hurkey jump." was the next text I received. I seriously almost peed my pants laughing. (If you're an ex-cheerleader, you know what this one is, natch.) That girl, hysterical. (And, I can't wait to see her again next month when we're all together for the weekend in Boca Grande for Liz's wedding. Yay! Yay! Yay!)

Soooo, KU won, so that's their THIRD National Championship ... just one enough to trump the effing Gators measley two National Championships. Haaaaaaa.


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