Rock Chalk Jayhawks

Today was a big, big day. KU and Florida played a little b-ball around 10 p.m. (We ALL know how I feel about the gators.) When it comes to football, my blood runs red & black, but with basketball I’m not so picky - I just watch it. So I had a little chat w/Billy and we decided I should be an official Jayhawk for b-ball season this year. (As much as I love clothes, and ALL things girly, I love sports too.) It was SO cool to be in this little bar in Kansas FULL of KU fans watching them play (and what a good game) ball against the gators.

My most memorable moment had to be when Billy, managed to rally the entire bar in a full-fledged "Let's Go Jayhawks" cheer! (Can I go back to college now?). And Tara, well she pretty much hates sports – hates them like I hate the gators – and she was ALL into the game. Yes! Now we have a sport (and a team) we can watch together. (Uh-oh McDreamy, look out. Just kidding.)


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