(light blue denim) Boom.

My obsession with rompers is no secret. It's almost to intervention levels. And when I saw Casey S. sporting this gem on the Bachelor Monday night ... I repeatedly said outloud "I HAVE TO HAVE that romper. HAVE TO."

And then my darling friend Laura sent me a link to a blog post citing it as Urban Outfitters. So now the romper scavenger hunt begins! GET THIS IN MY CLOSET.... NOW!


  1. I too loved the denim romper Casey was wearing. In fact, I loved her style all together...the best this season for sure! And, I was pissed when the Bachelor producers manipulated to get her off. In my opinion, it's none of their business whether she was dating someone right before she started the show. I mean, it's okay for Ben to be dating and kissing 20 girls at one time but she's not even allowed to still have "feelings" for a previous boyfriend? Really?!? Oh...but this post is about denim rompers. Sorry. Just saw the episode last night so it's still fresh on my mind. :) Btw, I think you'd look super cute in a little denim romper!


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