Swanky's snow day tunes.

Snow day today! Everyone is off of work, the snow is still falling and it's beautiful and so peaceful!

Some of the tunes that are on repeat and replay for today while I sit inside my warm place and do some serious catching up on stuff like (ahem) blogging, laundry, cleaning, catching up on personal emails and freelance projects. (There is talk of friends gathering for a snow playdate at the Met this afternoon so I'm excited!)

I think the name of the album is genius — "Passive Me, Agressive You" — by The Naked and Famous and I pretty much rock out to "Punching in a Dream" daily. Makes for a good running track, too.

Rizza Cabrera has a Regina Spektor-ish sounding voice (IMO) and covers songs from Coldplay to the Beatles to the Killers and even (gasp!) Justin Beiber. I'm digging her "Things I Wish I Wrote" cd ... favorite track is probably her cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and has been on repeat since ohhhhh about the first of December.

Added "Bullfighter Jacket" by the Miniature Tigers right before I ran the half-marathon and I'm glad I did. Good tune from their FORTRESS album that helped me get through somewhere between miles 9 and 10. Aaaaaand I'm gonna go see them in Columbia in February (Em + Jess are hopefully coming with... ladies, don't make me go by myself...)

Oh, and this little ditty of a video that is beyond-words-adorable (I think I posted on FB last week...) If I ever have kids I seriously want them to be this cool.

And apologies for my prolonged absence. I always feel weird apologizing for not blogging, btw. Like, really, you've been just sitting on the edges of your seat waiting on Swanky. (I seriously do not think I'm that self-important. At all.) I've just been really busy... with running a half-marathon, starting a new job, running, holiday parties and events and traveling, running, mending my hurting heart, training for a full marathon (training that may have ended yesterday as the knee pain I'm experiencing is beyond excruciating) and still unpacking, sorting, organizing and decorating my new place. Oh, and did I mention I've been running? :) Phew.


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