SwankyPeach + SwankyPooch Holiday Card Photoshoot.

Last weekend my dear friend Steph (who's also turned into quite the photographer for kids, families and pets, p.s.) and I planned out the best holiday card photo yet for me and the pup. I wanted something that showcased my personality and personal style, the importance of Honey in my life (no hubby, kids or fam of my own right now but her) and my new place. Add a holiday doormat, my favorite skinny jeans and sparkly J. Crew heels to annoying Honey by wrapping her in scarves, Christmas Tree lights and a tight sweater and it was quite the Saturday morning and photo shoot. A HUGE thank you to Steph for her patience with Miss SwankyPooch aaaaand her ideas and fab photog skills. (Steph + I met on Craigslist before I moved to Charlotte almost four years ago — she was my first roomie — and I'm so glad we've stayed such great friends!!)

Can you take a stab at trying to figure out which of these photos will be showing up in your mailbox over the Holidays? (And tell me that windowsill shot doesn't just melt your heart like butter because it certainly does mine...)


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