E McD. She means the world to me.

And it's her birthday, today.

I've only become close with E this last year and I can't tell you how much I can't believe I had to wait 32 years to meet this incredibly giving, honest, thoughtful, witty, supportive and fun, fabulous friend?!

This year has had it's crazy roller coaster moments and E has been there for me more than anyone. She's laughed with me, cheered with me, hugged me when I cried, encouraged me, shopped with me ... and so very much more. (I'm pretty sure she cornered a certain fella one night and told him he should ask me out... something along those lines, anyhow.) I can only hope I've been as good of a friend as she has been and as bright of a spot in her life as she has been in mine.

Here's to you, E..

A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and cheers to many more years of fun for us and that trip to Europe ....


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