Last week was so busy it smacked me in the face ... oh, wait, no... that was the sidewalk on Fifth street during Saturday morning's training run (a six miler) for my upcoming Thunder Road half marathon....

Let's re-enact the accident, shall we?

Mile 5. Running on Fifth Street. Manhole cover, 1; Melissa, 0. Busted knee, head and nose. Long, painful almost two mile walk home from there.

I trip and think, uh-oh, I'm going down. And I do. Right knee, left knee, hands (lovely little road rash), right shoulder and the last to hit, my head. Ouch. And dammit. I only had one mile left to go.

I sit up to see three fellas running to make sure I'm okay. (Did I mention I conveniently fell right outside Presbyterian Hospital?) I tell them I'm fine, just need to sit for a second before I stand up. I realize my knee is scuffed and bleeding at this point.

Unknown man: "Ma'am are you ok? Do you want to go inside and have someone check you out?"
Swanky: "No, I'm fine. Just a scuffed knee. I'll be okay."
(Unknown man #2 is just staring at me like he's never seen anyone trip and fall before.)
Unknown man: "Ma'am. Your nose and head are bleeding, are you sure you are okay? We should go into the hospital."
Swanky: "Yes, I'm fine. If you could just get me some water, I'll be good."

So while I wait for him to bring me some water, I decide it's as good a time as any to stretch. On the sidewalk. On Fifth Street. (Also with a bleeding nose and face that I was obviously unaware of.)

He comes back. I clean up (or at least think I did) and tell him thanks and start to walk the rest of the way home. I pass Hot Running Guy Number One, no eye contact. I pass Hot Running Guy Number Two who raises his eyebrows when he sees me. I smile and keep walking. (Jerk.) I pass two moms with children in strollers on a power walk, I smile and say hello (while rocking out to my iPod) and one of them has this strange "dear god/what the hell" look on her face. (Look, I know I'm sweaty and perhaps a little dirty but I can't look that bad, lady.)

When I finally get home I immediately head to the mirror to survey the damage and when I see my face — eeeep! It's no wonder that mother looked at me that way. I have blood everywhere... it looks like I've been attacked!

All is pretty much fine now, I do have a really scratched up knee, a scuff on my forehead and an Owen Wilson looking swollen nose but there are no broken bones and I resumed running with a 5-miler today so I'm okay. Pretty much just another funny Swanky story to tell, now!

I have mentioned that my middle name is Grace, right?


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