My splendid Sundays.

Baked brie, fruit, cheese and wine!

I have a standing Sunday night date with the darling E McD. It's 1/2 price wine night at Upstream and we sip wine, giggle and talk jewels, men, fashion, and life.

Ironically enough on Labor Day weekend she had a ton of work to do (finishing up some bridal jewelry orders and we needed to talk about her upcoming look book shoot with the fabulous Amy Free) so we decided we'd take the date indoors to her place last night.

The occasion tonight: nom-noms, wine and jewels.

Sukie and Honey meet for the first time.

And then they sit in separate rooms and stare at each other.
How cute is this pic, really?

Naturally we started chatting girl stuff ... E's skin always looks incredible and I keep meaning to ask her what makeup she uses. She runs upstairs and comes back with a small handful of Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown goodies.

I hate wearing a lot of makeup; a little bronzer and some mascara and really I'm all set. I don't usually wear foundation (or even tinted moisturizer) because I always feel like its clogging up my pores or it just makes my face feel sticky and icky. So when E tells me that all she really wears is the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric and Bronzer, I smile, grab them both and head to the bathroom mirror. And then I fell in love. The Face Fabric is so light, it made my skin look even and SO SO soft and it has SPF, too. Loved it.

I'll be picking some up tomorrow when I'm at Neiman's pulling together my looks for the Style Maven Contest at Fashion's Night Out!


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