Tree 1, Art Studio 0.

A bit of a nasty storm blew threw Charlotte yesterday afternoon ... that storm blew over a tree that fell on top of my friend Meredith's parents art studio in their backyard in Myers Park.

And of course, this is the text message conversation between the two of us when she sent me a photo:

Swanky: "Oh my goodness. Is everyone okay?"
Meredith: "Yeah. My mom is getting a little dramatic but I think it's kind-of cool. Hopefully the firemen are cute."

Swanky: "Oh, firemen?! Should I come help with the rescue efforts?"

Meredith: "Bahaha. I think I'll ask one of them for mouth-to-mouth."

Swanky: "Hilarious. Do it."

Meredith: "Yep. One of the firemen is smoking hot. Pun intended."


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