My dad + I, Summer 2008

Happy Father's Day to one incredibly talented, proud, supportive, loving dad. He's not a big talker (not nearly as social as I am), could care less about fashion (he likes his blue jeans + tee shirts) loves his toys (his tractor, his motorcycles — yes, two of them— and his boat.) He's the smartest man I know, is so very creative and handy, loves my mother more than anything in the world and always tells me how much he loves me ... and that's more than enough for me.

Thank you daddy for always supporting me, always loving me and for being exactly the way you are. The best gift you've given me as a father? Loving mom more than anything in the world, always being faithful to her and giving her the world. I can only hope to find someone that loves and appreciates me one day as much as you do mom!** I hope you have a FANTASTIC Father's Day!!

Love always,

**When I said this to my dad, his response: "Well, if you don't just stay single."
Uhhh, thanks Dad, pretty sure that's my only option, "if I don't". But we're trying to change that!!


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