Peachy the Photographer ...

I have a standing weekly play date with this little guy, Julian. We go to story time at the library, we lunch at McD's (we tried Wendy's once but he didn't like the toy, so that's out of the rotation) and we make crafts, read books and have fun.

His mom, Delia, has newborn baby sister Sofia at home and keeping him engaged and entertained gets tricky for her. So now that I'm (involuntarily) on "funemployment" I offered to come take him off her hands for a few hours and it's turned into one of the things I look forward to the most each week! He always makes me laugh and is quite possibly the sweetest five year old I know. (He often tells me how much he loves me. Sigh.)

I'm also taking a photography class at Queens and my assignment for this week was to shoot kids. So, Delia and I headed out to the park with Jules and Sofia and I snapped quite the shots of my little buddy. Check 'em out!

Jules and Baby Sofia.

I'm not so bad this, huh?

Playing with shutterspeed. Cool, no?

He likes the Wolfpack.

And this is my FAVORITE — it's this laugh and this smile that puts life in perspective for me!

So, what do you think of my photog skills? Be a peach. Leave me a comment, let me know!


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