I used to travel a lot.

And one day hope to again (a lot)... both: hope to alot and travel alot ...

Sooo, this link is funny stuff.

Honorable mentions:

"Woman across from me at the airport is breastfeeding. To show support, I took my shirt off and made strong eye contact." —@patrickborelli
"Driving in a radio-only rental car reveals an ineplixable and embarrassing knowledge of Celine Dion songs." —@CcSteff

"English translation of animal crackers at a Hong Kong supermarket: “Biscuit-shaped animals.” Something got lost in translation." —@dianakuan


  1. Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing-they made me laugh :)

  2. My personal favorite from my trip to NYC this week? Patty to the man with his stuff on the only open seat on the Acela to Union Station.."Is this seat taken?". Man with his stuff on the seat..."Yes, by my bags." Patty to rude man..."Well I'm sure they'll be equally comfortable in the overhead". Patty sits...and SCENE!


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