Pre-Birthday Deliciousness.

The snow/ice/winter blast put a minor kink in our dinner plans (see below) for last night, but my roomie Meredith pulled in at the clutch and ended up getting us some reservations at one of my fave, fave restaurants Customshop. My restaurant week menu choices: Kobe Beef Carpaccio with fresh horseradish, lemon and celery to start, then N.C. Flounder, with spinach, roasted tomatoes and preserved lemon for my entree (above) and my favorite, favorite dessert in all of Charlotte... Bread Pudding made with apples, walnuts, brioche, caramel and vanilla ice cream. It's pretty much heaven in your mouth. (Before leaving the house Meredith mentioned trying to calculate how many calories we burned at the gym yesterday to determine exactly how much bread pudding we could consume. I'm telling you, it's good stuff!)

My pre-birthday celebration was the perfect intimate dinner with a special someone and some of my close friends!

Tomorrow (the actual birthday) is brunch with babies Cole, Henry and Sofia and their mommies and dinner again with some of my faves. Can't wait!!


  1. this is one of the best restaurants in charlotte and is literally right around the corner from my house! thanks for the tips, we are headed there for valentines day and other than my favorite, the saffron spaghetti, we are looking to try new stuff!

  2. Me too! I'm in Elizabeth! Where do you live??


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