The man of my dreams.

Oh, that would be equal parts Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds, natch. I've since discussed amongst myself (yes, you read that right) whether the the ideal combination would be BC's good looks paired with RR's humor or vice versa. Buuuut, then I saw RR's bod in "The Proposal" (yep, I watched it, and more than once. Don't judge.) and Coop's humor is equally as entertaining, so I'll take the looks, bod and humor of both for $5,000 please, Alex!

And while we're on the subject, I recently posted this thought on FB or Twitter (or maybe it was both) and boy did my lady friends (and one fella ;) get feisty about this.

"Hell to the yesssss!"

"Apparently you're unaware that he is already spoken for. By. ME."

"Girrrl, preach!!"

"You just described the perfect man. I'm dying....let me know if you find him!"

"Ryan Reynolds is WAAAAAY hotter! throw in some Josh Duhamel!"

"I'll let you have him if you will just share him."

"If I wasn't married, we would be fighting over him."

"Should we pick a time and place to duke this out?"

And Preesh, as always, has the most humorous and spot-on insight on all hot men.


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