This stress fracture is fracturing my style

Swanky is currently sporting one of these lovely, fashionable —clunky and cumbersome more like it — boots/walking casts (exactly what does one call this?) on my right foot. Stress fracture (all that running!) and doc says this is the only way it's gonna heal.

So, here's the good part: when I pack to go out of town, I only have to pack the left shoes, so there's room for twice as many options! He he.

Today, I sported the lovely boot (oh yes, all that velcro, totally h-o-t-t) with textured tights a lovely royal blue Calvin Klein jersey dress and my black riding boot on my left foot. And you know a few people didn't even notice at first :)

Last night, for an event at Whisky River, I wore my dark skinny J Brand jeans tucked into brown boots and this Peach was not afraid to just tuck those jeans right into the velcro. I am making it work, darnit.

Don't be jealous, okay?


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