Reality stars and H&M in NYC.

Soooo, my buddy/roomie is off to Vermont and NYC for the weekend. Since she's going to H&M we made a deal ... email her a list of the things I'd like her to pick up for moi.

And this just came via TM from her: "Forget all the fashion leftovers in NYC, I really want a celeb sighting of the kids from NYC Prep. I'll get you an autograph. Or the [RHofNY] Housewives? OR I could crash the set of SATC II ... the possibilities are endless!"

She's just plain funny, kids.

The new H&M isn't very shopping-friendly (I knew you couldn't purchase online, but I thought for sure I could browse online). Not really, but out of what I could check out, I'll take ...

this blouse

oh, and this one:

and this dress? Done and done.


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