Yep, I gave it the ole thumbs up.

I. Am. A. Dork.

Photo: LaDon George

Last weekend I was working on a story and interviewed Nelson Hastings, a freelance cameraman who films NASCAR Cup races for ESPN and Fox. (He's got something like 16 Emmys, to boot.) He is Camera 2... he films the battles and action between the cars on the track (except for the lead car, that's Camera 1). Basically, he gets to film the fun stuff.

High atop the roof deck of Michigan International Speedway is where he stands and in order for me to get a real feel for what his job is like, he put me behind the lense. Headphones and all (whoa, that was intense - the director speaks in one ear, the sportscasters are talking about what's going on down on the track in another) he tells me to find a car and follow it around the track with the camera. Um, hello, they are going over 100 miles per hour and the camera took almost every bit of the body weight I had to pan. Trying to keep up with the cars that were zipping around a racetrack below was no small feat but definitely worth a shot.

It was pretty sweet, as I can now say I've worked an ESPN camera ... and what a view, no?


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