Here's a funny story

Of how my roomie's boyfriend had a little too much to drink, fell asleep in our living room and when he woke up, a little confused, chose to wander into my bedroom instead of hers.

Honey is barking like crazy, so, of course I jump up/wake up very startled. I see Tony standing in my bedroom. Weird. (Why is he in here?) As he walks toward my bed, Honey starts barking louder and Tony loses his balance and almost falls. He backs himself up against the wall by my closet door and just stands there. (I'm still wondering why he's in my room. I will die if he gets in my bed. Maybe he's sleep walking?) I lay still and silent thinking he will realize and leave.

He doesn't.

He now proceeds to walk to my bed and start climbing in ON-TOP-OF-ME! Honey freaks! I put my hands up so I can push him away and say "Wrong bed, Tony, wrong bed."

"Oh sh*t," he says and turns around and runs into my bathroom and slams the door. (My bathroom is attached to my bedroom.)

Wait for it, I'm thinking, just wait for it.

Then I hear "What the hell?" as I'm certain he finally realized he was in the wrong place and he runs out of my bathroom and out of my bedroom and slams the door behind him.

I laugh uncontrollably until I fall asleep.


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