My Tibi treat

I haven't purchased a new swimsuit since 2006. That is ridiculous, right? In my defense, I have three in rotation, all from J. Crew and all three have held up really, really well and I haven't found any that I love.

Well, now that I have a glorious pool that I am laying next to just about every sunny minute of the day on the weekends ... those lovely little halter tops are giving me some tan lines I'm not overly thrilled about. (But, tan lines mean you're tan - so there's that.) I'm blessed in the boob department, if I must be frank, so, I've been on the hunt for a bandeau top that a) doesn't give me a uniboob, b) supports the ladies, and c) covers them so it doesn't look like I'm desperately going for the hooker look at the pool.

Found it! I treated myself to this lovely little Tibi number yesterday (thank you Cottage Chic) and now I cannot wait for this rain to stop so I can wear it to the pool!

Photo courtesy of Tibi Public Relations

I probably don't look like this leggy model does in it, but, whatevs, I definitely do a better job of filling out the top, thankyouverymuch. ;)


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