Let them eat cake.

It might look like a quarter pounder with cheese or a yummy Big Daddy's burger ... but, it's not. It' a CAKE. As in frosting and sweet yummy goodness filled CAKE.

And here's how I found this gem:
I'm working on this article about planning an Eco-Chic wedding for Breathe magazine and in my research I was on the hunt for vegan and/or organic wedding cake makers ... a google search brought me to PinkCakeBox.com.

The cakes on this site, are UNBELIEVABLE! So, I perused (30 minutes is perusing, right?) and decided that I would show you some of my favorites and the people in my life they remind me of ...

My amazing parents, because for as long as I can remember, my dad has always liked to surprise my mom with the most beautiful bouquets of long-stem red roses.

McDreamy, because he is slightly obsessed with playing poker. (And because I couldn't find a Tarheel cake on the site.) Here's CC ... playing poker all alone. :)

Whitney, who owns the Pink Hanger. She's so tiny, and drives this tiny, sporty car and I love it! Everytime I see a mini it makes me think of her and I smile!

This one reminds me of two people, my roommate Mary Leigh - because she has more handbags than I do (and a highly-coveted Goldenbleu!) and Christin - because she has the most envious collection of designer handbags of anyone I know!

Check out their website and blog to see more.

And just where was this little gem (preferably containing a Goyard St. Louis Tote) last year at my Dirty Thirty, huh??


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