As if I didn't already have SUCH a crush ...

on Neil Patrick Harris .... (I mean, I watch HIMYM religiously) after seeing him host SNL this weekend, I am officially in full-fledged L-O-V-E ... I'm a sucker for laughter! (And, yes, I know he's not into women, but it still doesn't mean he's not a hottie!)

Unfortunately, the funniest sketches "Burger King" and "Doogie's Symphony" cannot be found on the internet (figures) but the two below are sure to entertain you. (They made me laugh so hard my sides hurt!)

I mean, he is retarded funny .... "Just jiggle it a lil"

Box-step and grapevine ... (you have to go to about the last two minutes to see NPH)

Ah, tomorrow is Friday, Swankypeople!


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