31 days to 31 ... oh, forget it!

That lasted, what, like three days? Sheesh.

Yes, that whole "31 days to 31" thing didn't go as successfully as I planned it. Sorry, kids ... I've been busy working on a few articles (for Charlotte Magazine, the Charlotte Observer and a new mag, Breathe), sending out my resume and clips galore, second interviews, working with my two bride clients on finding accessories for their gowns and bridesmaids aaaand selling my clothing on ebay. (phew!)

And, quite honestly, I think it's pure laziness for not wanting to have to come up with 31 things. All I'd really like is 1) a healthy, happy family; 2) to keep the fab friends I have FOREVER, 3) true love that makes me giddy with laughter, 4) a stable job with benefits and 5) a "big-girl" house of my own (that will always be free of crumbs and dirt!)

Seriously, that's it. The other stuff, is just extra goodies that I really don't need. And in this economy and just the way things currently are, I think I'm just over the materialism for now. I just CBB...

Neoooow, on the note of stuff, Chris (the BF, aka McDreamy) surprised me with new shades last night! Remember these babies? Oh yeah. Well, I now own my own pair. (Now, if only it would stop raining in Charlotte so that I can wear them!) It was so unexpected and so cute how he casually walked into the room wearing them (I looove surprises!!) that it made them THAT much more special! 

Maybe this week I can muster it up for the remainder of the 31 items ... we'll see. (At least I've kept some of the other resolutions for '09 - the less drinking, more exercising one being the MIP.)

Back to work for now ... but I can't wait to tell you about my Duke Power/Chainsaw outside my bedroom window at 3 a.m. story aaaand Kickboxing with Sgt. Roy (thanks Emily!) on Thursday (sweet lawd, I'm still sore!) ... 


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