31 days to 31: Day 29

I cannot function daily without coffee. It's been this way for years. I can't afford Starbucks on a daily basis anymore (who really can in this economy?) and brewing an entire pot sometimes ends in the wasting of at least a cup or two. I really only need one cup to get me going ... 

Enter the Keurig Mini Brewing System (since red is my favorite color, we'll go with that one)

Keurig Mini Brewing System, $79.95, keurig.com

Making a single serving cup of joe is ridiculously simple: fill it with water and one of the nifty K-Cups, they come in a bazillion flavors (there is tea and hot cocoa, too), wait three minutes while it heats the water, and enjoy (and wake-up!) 

Now, if only making a healthy breakfast were this simple ...  


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