Sequins and sassy heels for the New Year

Each year, I've had to dole out a ridiculous sum of money to hang out in a bar/club/restaraunt (I never consume the amount of alcohol I've paid for and there is never any decent food) with a small group of friends and a large group of complete strangers to ring in the New Year. There is always a line to the bathroom. There are always weirdo guys. There is always drama. There is always more people in the venue than I'm sure fire code would legally allow. 

This year, however, I'm very excited as I'll be ringing in the New Year with one of my most favorite people (Chris, yay!) and a large group of our friends at a house party here in Charlotte. I'm super excited as I won't have to deal with any of the above-mentioned or worry about injuring myself as I did last year, and I can bring Honey with me, too! (Honey is my precious little pup and she'll be celebrating this New Year's with me and her friends Peaches and Cobbler!)

Here's what I'm thinking will be the perfect festive outfit for the night: 

New Year's 2008 by swankypeach

What do you think?

So, here's to hoping this New Year's starts off a little better than last year's!


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