Men on Fashion

In writing an assignment I was given for an article for the Style Section of the Charlotte Observer, I could not help but laugh out loud at a few of the comments made by real guys when asked their thoughts on fashion ...

"Unless you LIVE in Nantucket year round, enough with the pink pants, popped collars, whale belts and aviators. You look like an idiot and everyone is making fun of you. Unless you get paid to look like someone everybody hates, don't do it."

"The aviator craze/giant fashion sunglasses for girls has made everyone look like insects. Nobody wants to date a praying mantis. NOBODY!"

"I feel that every distinguished gentlemen should have a healthy rotation of jerseys bearing the names James, Jordan, Iverson, Bryant, Garnett, and Artest in both home and road colors."

"I don't care how comfortable they are, men shouldn't wear cut-offs if they are going to be around others, stuff always falls out."

"I picture mandals as leather things with straps and what not."

"Do you really need a $60 dry-fit shirt? To run on the treadmill? Seriously? No body should have a flourescent wardrobe made out of space age materials unless you're Lance Armstrong."

"Just because Brett Michaels wears it does not make it cool"

"You don't have to match your whole outfit. It looks like your mom dressed you."


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