Twist and Shout ... MARTIN is back.

I'll never forget how much of a cult favorite Anne Johnston Albert's line, MARTIN, was with the editors (Anne, Hope, Andrea & Kim) during my fashion assistant days at Lucky. At first glance, the pieces seem simple, but, take a closer look and you'll see it's more like this: simple clothes, with a twist.

Yes, this is the same MARTIN that had a store on East 6th Street in NYC. And yes, Anne closed up shop after having two children and headed to the 'burbs in Massachusetts. But, her fans (including above-mentioned fashion editors) have begged and begged for her to make a comeback ... so she did. This time, it's a smaller collection - she's calling it a capsule collection. And its a few pieces (it actually would make the perfect weekend travel pack bag) for Summer and Winter and exclusively available here.

You can't get jeans this cool and comfy just anywhere.
Straight Leg Jean, $178

This black satin dress is the perfect "office-toout-on-the-town" piece.
Tie Dress, $285

It's a neutral color, so it goes with anything and it's roomy, so you can fill it with a little or a lot.

MARTIN clothing: sorry, only cool kids apply.


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