Cakewreck waiting to happen?

This morning I found CakeWrecks, a deliciously funny blog that I had to inform my pal, Jana, about. Being the Smart Cookie she is, she could not have said it better ...
"Um. That just made my morning. HI-larious. Not only are the cakes absolutely hysterical (my personal favorite is the mysterious pile of fruit/wedding cake), the commentary is perfect. "

Who else would appreciate such humor? Oh, I've got a few friends and I quickly sent them the link. Most immediately responded with a "thanks-for-my-morning-chuckle" email. Morning chuckle? I have spent the last half-hour crying I've been laughing so hard from reading the author's (too funny for words) posts and the photos of each. Seriously, you have to see some for yourself ... check it out here.


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