OBSESSED with: John Robshaw textiles

I'm still not completely sure how I stumbled upon the John Robshaw website, but, I'm thrilled I did.

It seems Mr. Robshaw is an importer and textile designer who draws on inspiration from travels and adventures in places as far away as Yogakarta (I had to google to see where this was located!) as well as Bolivia and Vietnam. I'm intrigued by his stated ability to utilize traditional printing and dying techniques in new ways without compromising the integrity of these revered techniques. Thanks to these abilities and influences, I can admire (and hopefully own) amazing, beautiful and art-ful bedding, curtains, tabletop and clothing.

My JohnRobshaw.com wish list includes:

The Sapphire Duvet
$440, Queen
This is artisan work in the finest - they are hand-embroidered in India!

The Greek Harpies Pillows
$75 - $90, depending on size
I'm personally looking at the Medallion and Grass styles.

*Charlottean shoppers: You can see John Robshaw items locally at:
715 Providence Rd.

Luxe Home Couture
227 East Blvd.


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