Big white board. Little car.

I just bought a 48" x 60" inch piece of foam core board for a project I'm working on and stupidly thought it would fit into my Honda Accord Coupe.

Not. So. Much.

After multiple attempts to carefully "slide" it into my car ... through the trunk? Nope. Through the door. Nope. Through the door at a slight angle? Nope. Okay, maybe if I slide it in right here, at just this angle and stand on one foot ... Nope. So, I buckled and had to call my roommate W. and request that she bring her SUV to my rescue. Thankfully, the art store is only a block from my house, but, I still had to stand outside my car with this giant white board, keep an eye on the quickly approaching rain clouds and think about how many people were just watching me try to get this thing in my car and laughing not with, but at, me... (no, really, please laugh)

-Not-so-smart-today Peach


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