I'm just sayin' ...

"I know you're good for it. You could always sell your body too.
You're hot...could make a few bucks."

"Instead of pushing his button, you just ripped that one right off."

"No way! It’s totally a legit article in US weekly…I just looked at it again! Wait, did I just use legit and US weekly in the same sentence?"

"Why does work always have to interfere with my social life?"

"Do you have a crush on him?"
"Well, I think I love him."

"I don't want a girlfriend, I need a companion."
"Then you need to get a dog."
"He doesn't want a companion, he wants an F-buddy...that's what they call
them now, dude."

"Uhhh, would you check out G.Q. and Low I.Q. across the street."

"You look like Dad at Disney World."

"I just don't want my boobsweat to eff up my blackberry."


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