Smokin' Kitty Says

Swanky works from home when she isn't traveling so she doesn't get the pleasure of working in a traditional office environment. So, I live vicariously through my 9 to 5 friends. A few of said friends literally work in the most cliche office settings you could possibly dream up. One of them, includes a particularly interesting co-worker, we'll just call her "Smokin' Kitty"... for whom her own words have earned her the now-deemed "Smokin' Kitty Says" post on "this here" (probably how SK would refer to it) blog ...

Just a little background on SK ...
"Just picture a chain smoking woman in her late 30's with a super strong southern accent who wears at least 3 things leopard a day...purse, shoes, belt, shirt, pants, skirt... whatever... who is also addicted to tanning and fake nails."
Now that you have your visual ...

"I just heard her (talking to her vet) say...the cat's name is Penelope, but it could also be listed under Miss Priss."

"You CAN NOT sedate my cat, and kill her."
"I've seen that happen before!"

This, my friends, is gonna be a good one.


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