Perfectly polished pair of friends

Stephanie and Alison, two sisters that are two of my faves here in Charlotte are having a going away/graduation party this weekend (Stephs moving to Greenville to go to grad school, little sis Ali just graduated from grad school) that I will be missing out on ... I'm flying to Florida in the morning to go to celebrate with Lizzie... she's getting hitched!

Don't I look like their long, lost William's sister?

So, Ali, Steph and I had a date last night so that I could hang with them ... we hit up our fave nail spot Polished for Martinis and Manis Wednesday :) ... and then we chowed on Mexican food at La Paz and had a little camera fun ...

Steph and I being silly ... (I'm reindeer cheeze, she's pulling out the ... pirate?!)

Ali and I being "jovial, and very happy to see you" ...

Don't hate me because I have fun friends. And because I have purple painted fingers and toes. ;)


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