I honestly can't make this stuff up ...

Last weekend, out with the ladies, feasting on Mexican food. An old "friend" walks in the door (I would like to note here that he has mentioned many a time to me that he hates this restaraunt) and is clearly on a date. (This "friend" was actually slightly more than just a "friend" but both agreed to end the "friendship" on the grounds that we were both looking for different things. I, a meaningful relationship (do they really exist?) and he, to never be in a meaningful relationship ever again.) He and his date walk past our table and he says hello, but keeps walking. (Phew. No convo.) Few mins later, they walk past again, only this time, he STOPS! in front of the table (with date in tow) and says to me "What are you doing later?" I stare blankly and shrug my shoulders. "You going uptown?" he proceeds ... Again, I stare blankly and shrug my shoulders.(It is NONE of his business what I'm doing later.) "Cool." And off he walks. My girlfriend's jaws have dropped and are now in the chip bowl at the table as L. says "Did he seriously just stop and ask you that with his date right there?" Sadly, yes. Needless to say, it's been the joke of the week.

Dear "Friend":
I know we decided that we should preserve the friendship by actually being just friends ...so here is some "friendly" advice ... don't ask other girls what they are doing (now or in the future) with your date right there. It's rude. (Because if she's any self-respecting woman, she definitely won't be going out with you again.)

I'm telling you, I'm serious. I COULD NOT make this stuff up, if I tried.


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